The Happiest Nonsmoker

Questions To Ponder
  1. What does the cigarette really do for me?
  2. Do I really enjoy smoking?

Why 95% Failed At Conventional Methods

Smokers already know the disadvantages of smoking.

They know why they shouldn’t smoke. If knowing is enough, it would have worked a long time ago.

One of the biggest reasons smokers want to stop is because of HEALTH. But if a smoker were to see a commercial somewhere that highlights the dangers of smoking. Those commercials will provoke an emotional response based on fear and anxiety that the same could happen to them.

This creates a lot of stress... and for every smoker on planet earth, the first response to stress is to want to smoke a cigarette. This is why so many quit smoking commercials failed so badly. They make it harder, not easier, for smokers to stop.

Using willpower implies that we are making a sacrifice. This sense of deprivation makes us feel miserable... and when we are miserable the cigarette appears to be more desirable.

When we use willpower we will enter the cycle of wanting to smoke but not being allowed to. This deepens the stress which then increases our desire to smoke. Our willpower is not infinite so this cycle will carry on until we can take no more and we give up.

The problem is not the cigarette per se, but the DESIRE to smoke. As long as we have the DESIRE, we will be miserable when we are not smoking.

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