Understanding The Basic Of Nicotine Withdrawal So You Don't Have to Fear It

Do You Have to Suffer Withdrawal When You Stop Smoking?

Many people believe they have to suffer serious withdrawals to stop smoking.

This is NOT true!

The real and actual withdrawal from nicotine is so MILD that most smokers have lived and died without even realizing they are addicted.

The good news is nicotine is an easy drug to kick if you understand the true nature of this addiction and accept that you are, in fact, addicted…

Saddest Thing About Smoking

The saddest thing about smoking is that the only so-called ‘enjoyment’ a smoker gets is the temporary relief from the previous cigarette.

To put it simply, all the smoker is looking for is the state of peace, security, and confidence that they had before they started smoking.

Perfect Analogy

Allen Carr, the grand-father of smoke-cessation guru sums this up perfectly: "The whole business of smoking is like forcing yourself to wear tight shoes just to get the pleasure of taking them off."

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