Why Smokers Find it Difficult to Understand Nicotine Addiction

The 3 Reasons Why Smokers Find It Difficult To Perceive Smoking This Way

We have been exposed to a lot of lies that smoking is pleasurable. Be it from movies, friends, or from our subconscious minds.

When we look at smokers who have been smoking their whole life, spending a fortune on cigarettes and take risky bets on their health, we cannot believe that cigarettes don’t give them anything.

Otherwise, why do smokers smoke?

Withdrawal from nicotine is so TINY that we don’t think of cigarettes the same way we think of other drugs.

Because smokers are in withdrawal whenever they are not smoking, they come to perceive the state of withdrawal as being normal.

Smokers fail to see smoking in its true color is that the cycle of smoking works from back-to-front.

It’s when you are not smoking that you suffer that empty feeling. When you smoke, the empty feeling disappears and we give cigarette the credit for this.

What we fail to see is that withdrawing from the previous cigarette created that empty feeling in the first place.

It is our inability to understand this reverse process that makes our journey to becoming smoke-free so difficult.

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